New City Microcreamery Opening Soon in Sudbury


Photo Courtesy of New City Microcreamery

New City Microcreamery began the process of opening a new location in Sudbury in early 2021. The ice cream shop opened its new location on Saturday, March 5, 2022, which is located along route 20 in the Meadow Walk Shopping Plaza, nearby Whole Foods.

New City Microcreamery makes its delicious ice cream by using a liquid nitrogen process. A batch of the ice cream base is first steeped for 24 hours to enrich the flavor in their refrigerator. The base is then poured into the mixer and is slowly combined as the liquid nitrogen is poured in. The liquid nitrogen is extremely cold, reaching temperatures below 300°F. The mixer speed is then increased to help give the frozen cream a lighter texture. By mastering this process, the ice crystals become very small, allowing a smoother and creamier taste and texture to the ice cream. 

Back in 2015, the business opened its first location in downtown Hudson, then three years later, a second location was opened in Cambridge. New City Microcreamery’s mission has been focused on making quality and delicious ice cream, which helped them win the Best of Massachusetts Ice Cream contest by MassLive in 2018. 

The Sudbury location, will have a grand opening on March 18, 2022, from 12pm to 9pm, but also plans to open over the weekend of March 12 to 13. It will offer a variety of options, including dairy-free ice cream, vegan ice cream, as well as some of their original flavors. . According to New City Microcreamery’s website, “We may also have some Sudbury-exclusive flavors under wraps…”