Valentine’s Quiz: Which Forum Editor is Your Soulmate?


Keep track of how many times you pick each letter!


Who is your celebrity crush?

A.) Jennifer Lawrence

B.) Brad Pitt

C.) N/A

D.) Zendaya

E.) Taylor Swift

F.) Anderson Cooper obviously

G.) Chris Pine

H.) Don’t really have one

I.) Regé-Jean Page

J.) Chris Wood (Kai Parker is the loml)


Omg! Your crush asks you out, where do you take them on the first date?

A.) Lunch and a walk around Boston

B.) The beach

C.) Action movie

D.) Coffee shop

E.) Red Sox game

F.) Concert/music festival

G.) Low key dinner

H.) Social event

I.) On a hike

J.) Ew I hate dates so nowhere


What is your ideal birthday present?

A.) Tickets for a vacation to somewhere super off the beaten path like Greenland or New Zealand

B.) Money

C.) Fiction books

D.) Cash 

E.) Pet

F.) Gift card to Trader Joe’s

G.) Concert tickets

H.) Stationary/art supplies

I.) Books

J.) If you get me a dog I will marry you on the spot


What is one thing you never leave home without?

A.) Ray Ban Aviators

B.) Pants 

C.) A pack of gum

D.) Earbuds/AirPods

E.) My phone

F.) Water bottle

G.) Keys

H.) Phone obviously

I.) Hand sanitizer

J.) Chapstick


What is your favorite dinosaur?

A.) Velociraptor

B.) Brontosaurus

C.) Dilophosaurus

D.) Pterodactyl

E.) Stego

F.) That herbivore with the long neck

G.) Does Dino Dan count?

H.) Pterodactyl of course

I.) Another pterodactyl

J.) Triceratops


What is most important to you?

A.) Living life to the fullest

B.) Family

C.) Dogs

D.) Friends and family

E.) Friends

F.) My morning oats

G.) Anderson Cooper

H.) All my friends 

I.) Family of course!

J.) My chapstick


If you got mostly A’s, congratulations, your soulmate is Jack! 

If you got mostly B’s, congratulations, your soulmate is CJ! 

If you got mostly C’s, congratulations, your soulmate is Jack! 

If you got mostly D’s, congratulations, your soulmate is Riya! 

If you got mostly E’s, congratulations, your soulmate is Josh! 

If you got mostly F’s, congratulations, your soulmate is Esha! 

If you got mostly G’s, congratulations, your soulmate is Elle! 

If you got mostly H’s, congratulations, your soulmate is Aneesha! 

If you got mostly I’s, congratulations, your soulmate is Josie! 

If you got mostly J’s, congratulations, your soulmate is Sydney!