Important Astrological Transits

Welcome to Pisces season! Pisces are known for being emotionally sensitive, compassionate, and gracious. We will be have a lot of these feelings during the first 20 days this month. The new moon on the March 2nd is in Pisces and it is connecting with Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity. Whenever those words come into play when talking about astrology, it should indicate a special time to manifest! When the moon is in Pisces you are likely to feel much more idealistic, creative, imaginative, and romantic.

On March 5th, Venus and Mars both enter Aquarius. Venus is the planet of love and material things and Mars is the planet of passion and motivation. Aquarius is the sign of intelligence, cleverness, self-reliance, and optimism.

With Mars in Aquarius, now is an awesome time to make a difference. Aquarius’ are born humanitarians, so Mars being in the sign will motivate you to do great things. A great way to get into this is to donate to or create awareness about the current wars that are happening in the world. Specifically Ukraine and in the Middle East.

Venus in Aquarius forces you to lighten in the world of love. It is a good time to evaluate your relationships and see what is holding you back and or bringing you up.

Upcoming on the 18th is the full moon in Virgo. Virgo is all about routine and organization, so with it being in the moon, you should definitely reflect on boundaries and routine. A full moon is a mark of an ending so it is a time to pay attention to what has been weighing you down emotionally and give yourself more structure.

On the 20th the sun enters Aries! An exciting and fiery time. This year’s Aries season is all about taking initiative and getting exactly what you want. The signs most affected during this season are Aries and Libra.

Finally ending this month is the moon in Aries on the 31st. You will start to feel your emotions getting stronger and you will feel more expressive overall. Happy 2022!!