The MLK Action Group Returns to Baltimore


Students and Teachers on the MLK Action Trip Take a Break from their Hard Work

The MLK Action Project’s Baltimore Habitat trips are back after the Covid hiatus. Nine other students and I, accompanied by Ms. Shopiro and Mr. Driscoll,  traveled to Baltimore and Washington D.C over April vacation. It was a memorable trip for me, not something I will forget anytime soon. I enjoyed both working hard and discovering new places.

When working, everyone was focused and having fun building, laughing and making new friends in the group or with the guides, but afterwards we got to see amazing places like the Baltimore zoo and the biggest candy store I have ever been in. During the work part of the trip, I was not only able to learn a ton about the process of building a house, but I also made a bunch of new friends in the process. We did all types of jobs like painting, clearing space in basements, putting on doorknobs, and I even got to go in one structure that had not had its walls put in place yet. I would highly recommend this trip to any hardworking people that want to try something new or to branch out. 

Building was not the only fun part of the trip, there were fun activities everyday to look forward to. My three favorites included the Baltimore zoo, touring D.C. and eating dinner each night with the whole group. The Baltimore zoo was massive and had all types of animals like bears, lions, tigers and my personal favorite, the red panda.  Touring D.C. and seeing landmarks like the Abraham Lincoln Memorial and the Martin Luther King Memorial also had a massive impact on me. Both of these places truly took my breath away with their size and amazing quotes that were edged in stone around them. Finally, there was eating with everyone each night after our day of adventure. I think the best part of the trip was talking with everyone each day about what they had done and what was their favorite part of the day.

I will be going back next year because I know there is more to learn and more work to be done. I really hope anyone who is looking for a fun adventure or to have a good time with friends joins because it is an amazing experience.