New Advisory Block Making it’s Way to LS

With the 2022-23 school year coming to a close, and the 2023-24 school year just a summer away, an opportunity for positive change presents itself. A new advisory plan with the goal of creating a more comfortable and connected school environment for all Lincoln-Sudbury students will be implemented at the start of the new school year. Every Thursday morning, groups of around twelve L-S students will gather to participate in activities such as problem-solving and team-building games, occasional informational seminars, and some mentoring with older students. All of these activities will hopefully work to strengthen Lincoln-Sudbury’s sense of togetherness. These advisory blocks will happen over the course of the first thirty minutes of the school day and will be led by adult leaders. 

Statistics from multiple surveys taken by students show that a majority of the LS population feels their connection to the school is lacking. In order to improve this said connectedness, the Advisory block has been developed. After many test trials and new ideas, the final product will officially be put to work in the new school year. This new block will neither interfere with frees, nor count towards any student’s GPA, but it is important that every participant is present and participatory. 

North house’s Tracy Ryan, says advisory will become a time when “everything stops; the halls clear, the offices clear, and every teacher, counselor, administrator, and student will be occupied with some role relating to advisory.” Each activity that occurs in the thirty-minute morning block on Thursdays will be unique and helpful towards the greater goal of togetherness in its own way. For example, the mentoring taking place every once in a while will give participants a chance to receive useful insights from older students. Alongside this, it will help build relationships between different grades. The success of this plan will be measured with the help of data from school-wide forms taken before and after the implementation. A great amount of effort and planning has gone into creating the final product of the advisory plan, and the driving voices behind it are eager to witness the positive effect it will have on the Lincoln-Sudbury High School community for years to come.