15th Annual SERF College Fair


Choosing a college is a lot harder than you may think. There are so many factors that go into choosing the right school for you. Size, location, majors, cost, academic support, the list goes on. One thing that helped me figure out what school would be the best fit for me was the college fair held at LS. I used the college fair not to pick the exact school I wanted to attend, but to get a general idea of where I wanted to be. Talking to all the different schools at the fair helped me decide that I want to be at a small school rather than a big state school. I also figured out that I would thrive more at a school with smaller class sizes. When talking to the representatives from different schools, I asked about school spirit, research opportunities and how much academic support was offered. The college fair helped me get an overview of all the different types of schools there are to choose from. Once I had figured out what I wanted from a school, I was able to form a list of schools to visit and research. The college fair really helped me decide on the criteria I wanted when looking for potential colleges.

This year the college fair is going to be held on March 18th at LS. I recommend taking advantage of it even if you haven’t started thinking about college. On top of the college fair, there is a week of webinars that will cover everything from writing your personal essay to taking a gap year happening from March 13-16. To sign up for the webinars and see what schools will be in attendance at the fair visit: https://serfsudbury.org/serf-college-fair-2023/attendees/