Mask Fashion at L-S

Carly Robinson sports a singers mask.

Kaitlyn White

Carly Robinson sports a singer’s mask.

Face masks have become a normal part of everyday life, and over time we have gotten used to wearing them and learned what kind of face masks we prefer. People can match their face masks to go with their outfits and personal style, and there are even face masks made specifically for different activities, such as sports or singing. I interviewed two L-S students about different styles of masks and how they look, how they work, and why they wear them. 

Cloth reusable masks are probably the second most popular masks you would see on in-person days at L-S, second only to disposable masks. However, L-S student Juliana Erb states, “Cloth masks are reusable and more comfortable.” She says the cloth masks are easier to wear long term, and they are better for the environment: “With disposable masks, you only wear them one time and then you’ve got to throw them away. Cloth mask you can easily wash, and then you can re-use them.” Another thing Juliana appreciates about reusable masks is that there are many different patterns and styles you can wear them in. “I like to match different colors, or floral patterns because they can be pretty and remind me of spring in the death of winter,” she says. Juliana has gotten used to the masks, despite them being occasionally uncomfortable, saying, “It’s the right thing to do, it keeps everyone safe, and they’re not that much of a hassle.” She recommends cloth reusable masks because though homemade masks can sometimes be uncomfortable or don’t fit right, a well made reusable mask can be perfect for safety and style. 

Juliana Erb sports a cloth mask. (Kaitlyn White)

Masks can bring challenges for certain activities where breathing more and projecting your voice are very important. The L-S choir has used singer’s masks to help amplify their voices and get enough breath to sing while remaining safe. According to sophomore Carly Robinson, “there is extra wire around the mask to give you extra space. The masks make it easier to breathe, sing, or talk. They are about as comfortable as regular masks, and less claustrophobic.” Although the masks are less stylish than some other options, they serve their purpose, and are a great tool that helps you project your voice while still following the COVID-19 safety protocols. Carly says she thinks the biggest benefit to singers wearing the mask is that “it gives you more space, and they make it easier to breathe.” Though this might not be the sort of mask someone would want to wear to the supermarket, these singer’s masks make it possible to continue this activity in a similar capacity to before, which has been a challenge for many activities at L-S.