LSB Players Presents “The Addams Family”


The cast of “The Addams Family.”

Excitement brews as opening night for the LSB Players’ first musical in two years, The Addams Family, approaches. With much hard work from the crew, cast and orchestra alike, the show has so many talented people involved and are ready to share their work with the school and beyond. 

Director Carly Evans quotes, I’m just excited to have people who want to come see theatre again. I’ll be thrilled just to witness the audience watching the show, giving the actors the applause they so richly deserve.

The Addams Family follows the story of supposedly dark, gloomy Wednesday Addams (Molly Moffat), who is suddenly starting to question her presence and morals as she meets and falls in love with seemingly “normal” Lucas Beinke (Devon Das). A main theme of the show is the power of family, and how people close to each other are always there for one another, even if they seem a little far gone at times. The show follows how the two families of Wednesday and Lucas meet and, with a few bumps in the road, end up bonding in some of the strangest ways imaginable. As it all is happening, it is up to Wednesday’s Uncle Fester (Harry Ganz) and many of the Addams’ long dead ancestors to make sure ends are tied and all marriages stay stable. 

This musical comedy will make the audience laugh with its witty humor and make you think about what “normal” really means. Is anyone truly as they appear? After all, “normal is an illusion, what’s normal for the spider, is a calamity for the fly.”

When asked why people should come see The Addams Family at LS, Evans responded with, It’s an exuberant and quirky musical and I think it’s the kind of goofiness and humor we all need right now.”

So many people have worked so hard on this project so if you’re looking for something to do between Wednesday November 17- Saturday November 20, you should definitely stop by! To get tickets email [email protected]. Performances are in the L-S auditorium at 7:30!

Hope to see you there!