Seussical the Musical Review


Cast and Crew of Sucessical

The anticipated annual fall musical by the LSB Players, Seussical, was a success this past November with returning director Carly Evans, Musical Director Michael Bunting,  and Conductor Thomas Grandprey. Seussical is a compilation of several stories by Dr. Seuss centering around Horton Hears a Who. References to other stories include songs, such as “I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham.”

The show was an involved production with a plethora of students working hard as crew, light and sound designers,  makeup artists, and costume designers as well as the orchestra in the pit providing live music for the shows. The resounding message of the songs is that we are not “Alone in the Universe,” though it may seem that way at times.

The play’s protagonist,  Jojo (Jonah Rotondo) learns about “All the Things You Can Think” while working with Horton the Elephant (Harry Ganz) to save Whoville. Meanwhile Jojo’s parents Mr. Mayor (Devon Das) and Mrs. Mayor (Mia Gulloti) send him off to the military under supervision of General Genghis Khan Schmitz (Justin Miller) to stop him from thinking. In Horton’s world, he faces the trials and tribulations of keeping the speck of dust where the Whos live from being damaged by his “friends,” including Yertle the Turtle (Sam Varner), Sour Kangaroo (Lily Gordenstein), and Mayzie La Bird (Emma Schwarz). All the while, he realizes that he is missing the lovely Getrude McFuzz (Amelia Quinn) right in front of him.

Over the course of the story,  Cat in the Hat (Lucas Flack) provides Jojo, Horton, and the audience with meaningful insight and hardy laughs while the audience watches the people of Whoville (and the grinch (Harvey Andrews) struggle to make their small voices heard.

The musical was a whir of colorful costumes and simple yet significant songs that offered insight into what role we all play in our own small universes.