Jessica Crane’s Senior Reflection 2021

Cap and Gown



The end of childhood seemed like the most daunting concept imaginable while stepping through the A-B connector doors for First Adventure in August 2017. I recall walking the halls during that first week of freshman year and witnessing the maturity of the senior class. I looked around and envisioned them in a cap and gown on their graduation day. This image made sense to me because I felt significantly younger than them. They had acquired years of wisdom which I had yet to obtain. They were adults! 

Lately, I’ve noticed my imagination wandering to that same place of seniors on graduation day. But now, I picture us: the class of 2021. Recently, as I envisioned my classmates in a cap and gown, I had a realization. It occurred to me that we had become those mature, knowledgeable seniors I had admired freshman year. Without even realizing it, we had grown into a resilient, compassionate and intelligent group of individuals. 

These past four years have been eventful in various ways. Unfortunately, there were difficult experiences, but LS provides us with a reliable community when we need it most. While learning to navigate fully remote school in spring of 2020, LS staff reached out to students to check in and provide comfort. Amidst the pandemic, we were shown the genuine, caring nature of our teachers. Even through a screen, we were praised for our accomplishments and encouraged to persevere through hardships. 

Throughout both remote and traditional learning, I’ve always felt welcomed and supported by LS staff. I admire their enthusiasm in class and deep interest in curricula. They have wonderfully prepared us for our future endeavors. The educators I’ve met throughout high school have inspired me to pursue a career in education myself. I hope that I am able to follow in their footsteps and provide the same excitement for learning to my future students. 

As we begin the next chapter of our lives, we will take with us all of the relationships, knowledge and confidence that we have gained these past four years. I am incredibly grateful for the lifelong memories I’ve made at LS and throughout my entire childhood in Sudbury. It wasn’t always easy, but we made it! Congratulations to the class of 2021! 

Jess Crane