Matt Baird’s Senior Reflection 2021

Bucketloads of Love


When I heard about LS while I was still in middle school, I was most excited about two things: to get my lockers and to get an LS email account. As I got ready for the first day of school, I counted down the minutes until those meetings with our counselors where we would obtain access to our school email accounts and locker codes. 

When I started walking down the First Adventure runway, I seemingly forgot about my new email account and lockers. The smiling faces filled me with joy. As I moved through my first day of school, I met many of the adults that make LS a great place, and I made close connections with new and old friends. Throughout my first year, I came to know myself better, too. I tried therapy for the first time, I came out, and I joined the LSB Players. 

Since day one, LS has been about the people for me. Yes, it’s a place where we’re supposed to learn. And learning definitely happens there. But it’s most valuable asset is the people it holds every day. When I was diagnosed with cancer during my junior year, so many adults at LS showed up in ways that I never could have imagined. They showed up to my house on Christmas Eve. They came to chemotherapy treatments with me. They sat with me when I wasn’t feeling well during the school day. The sheer kindness and love that teachers, counselors, administrators and other staff demonstrated toward me showed me how special of a place LS is. When my sister passed away earlier this year, I saw more of the same support. The thoughtfulness of so many LS adults has changed my life for the better. 

In each class that I’ve taken, I have gotten closer to understanding what I want to do with my life. To everyone who works at LS: your daily act of helping to cultivate our knowledge and understanding of the world has driven me, and so many other students, to have the capability to make a positive impact on the world for generations to come. Each of you have helped me realize that I want to live a life of service. 

For every senior, each class meeting, counseling session, seminar, assembly, club meeting and moment outside the classroom at LS contributes to our collective story of individual growth. Who I was four years ago is certainly not who I am now. I’m an adult now. To every single person at LS who has helped me grow, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you. 


Sending you bucketloads of love!

Matt Baird