The Top Ten Shapes of Pasta

The Top Ten Shapes of Pasta

10.) At number 10 is a bowtie. An unpopular opinion, but the middle is uncooked and hard while the outside is too flimsy and overcooked. 1/10

9.) Coming in at number 9 is lasagna. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good lasagna, but it is not versatile enough and can only really be used for one dish. 2/10

8.) Number 8 is jumbo shells. A fantastic invention, but once again it is not very versatile and is also extremely messy. 3.356/10

7.) The next shape is fettuccine. This one is fantabulous when you want fettuccine alfredo but other than that I never use it. 3.56/10.

6.) This one is fine. Not good, not bad. Penne. It is boring but will get the job done. 5/10

5.) In the top 5 we have ravioli. It is outstanding when you are in the phase of your life where ravioli is the only thing you eat, but other than that it is a little unnecessary. 6.3/10

4.) In the number 4 slot we have spaghetti. Not as great as angel hair but still decent. 6.8/10

3.) In the top 3 is rigatoni. It is satisfying and tubular. 7/10.

2.) The runner up is the elbow. I know this might be controversial but it’s my opinion. 9/10

1.) First place is obviously angel hair. No explanation needed.∞/10.