One Block to Rule Them All

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Blocks in order from longest to shortest

  1. 3rd block
  2. 5th block
  3. 1st block
  4. 6th block
  5. Lunch block
  6. 2nd block


At L-S,  there are two lengths of blocks for classes to take place in: the coveted short block (53 min) and the dreaded long block (65 min). However, I must raise the question which many other L-S students seem to have: Are all blocks what they seem? I am here today to rank the blocks by their true length.

1. 3rd Block

Coming in at number one for the longest block of the day is 3rd block. This block is the absolute worst. It starts at 10:36, just when the teachers are really starting to wake up and get going and stretches the full length until 11:41. Almost no one is late to class because they’re already at school, meaning the start is not delayed, and it always seems that no teacher lets anyone out early from this block. When your stomach is grumbling and it seems like at least half the block has gone by, you look up to realize it’s been almost a full half an hour and you still have another 40 minutes to go before that hunger can be satisfied.

2. 5th Block

Lunch has finished and you’re thinking to yourself, all right, only two more blocks to go. That’s when Block 5 hits. This block is a  long stretch from 1:08 to 2:17 that never seems to go by any quicker than it did the day before.  Since you are watching the clock on a full stomach and the start is delayed slightly by people coming in from third lunch it is undeniably better than the 3rd block. However, 5th block pulls a close second to 3rd block for the longest block of the day.

3. 1st Block

The shortest of the three 65 minute blocks at LS is 1st block. This block is still long but reliably starts 5-10 minutes after it technically begins due to bus and traffic delays. Additionally, while some students may say this block hits the hardest since you’ve just woken up, I choose to look at it as a positive: if you haven’t woken up chances are, neither has your teacher. As an added bonus, neither of you will pay much attention to the passing of time.

4. 6th Block

Coming in as the 4th longest-feeling block overall and the longest-feeling of the three short blocks is block 6. This block is pretty self-explanatory since it is the last block of the day. Nothing is worse than sitting in class waiting for the day to end, even if it is a short block. While this block isn’t physically one of the longer blocks it definitely drags on when all you want is to head home on a Friday afternoon.

5. Lunch Block

I’ll admit, deciding on the ranking of lunch block was a hard decision. If you have first lunch this block is arguably the quickest of the day: you’re full from a good lunch, class starts a little late because your teacher was enjoying their lunch and everyone seems to be in a good mood. However, if you have third lunch, the stretch from 11:45 to 12:38 can be pretty long. Despite this, the lunch block still feels faster than most since you are going into lunch with the knowledge that you are done ⅔ of the school day. Overall lunch block averages out to be a bit shorter than 2nd block, overall a pretty quick block.

6. 2nd Block

Maybe it’s because I have the majority of my frees during this block or maybe it really is just the shortest but block 2 is the shortest-feeling of all the school blocks. Starting at 9:39 and ending at 10:32, this block always seems to zoom by.


Thanks to this in depth ranking system, I think it’s safe to say that not all blocks are what they seem. Nevertheless, all blocks definitely have their pros and cons that make each and every one a crucial part of the L-S school day.