Remembering L-S Swim and Dive’s Remarkable Season


courtesy of L-S Swim and Dive

Placing first for girls’ and seventh for boys’ in the State Championship, the Lincoln-Sudbury Warriors Swim and Diving team achieved a truly memorable season.

Swimmers and divers worked hard at every single practice to ensure fast times and great dives at meets. Head Coach Julie Nocka guided swimmers on the path to victory with the help of Assistant Coach and L-S science teacher, Caroline Singler. Devoted diving Coach Shawn Powers trained divers to perfect their dives and secure wins at meets. The short season flew by quicker than ever, and the Dual County League Championship loomed closer and closer.

The Dual County League is the strongest in Massachusetts. Usually, most teams in Dual County league place in the top five at the states and sectionals meets. With fierce competition against them the Warriors were determined to win. First came the boys’ DCL Championship. Placing 5th overall, the boys pulled through with incredible races and dives. At the DCL Championship event, winners automatically earn the “DCL ALL LEAGUE” status. This status is  an accomplishment and difficult to achieve with such strong competition. This year 3 swimmers from the Lincoln-Sudbury boys’ team earned the “DCL ALL LEAGUE” status: senior Fin Mckenzie for the 50 freestyle, senior Nolan Schlessman for the 100 freestyle, and junior Thomas Eppich for the 500 freestyle. The DCL Championship also has a status known as “DCL ALL STARS,” which is selected by the coaches. Two swimmers from LS achieved this award: senior Joe Hu and sophomore Graham Skelly. The boys’ crushed their competition at the DCL meet and gave an outstanding performance for the girls’ team to follow.

The girls’ team placed second overall in the DCL championship, winning 6 out of 12 total events. Six Lincoln-Sudbury swimmers from the girls’ team achieved the “DCL ALL LEAGUE” status: sophomore Joslin Halsey for the 50 freestyle, 100 butterfly, and 400 freestyle relay, senior Bridget Hogan for the 100 freestyle and 400 freestyle relay, sophomore Bella Newbern for the 500 freestyle, senior Maeve Hogan for the 100 breaststroke, senior McKenna Murray for the 400 freestyle relay, and junior Tamara Papovksy for the 400 freestyle relay. In addition, Senior Alison Graff achieved the “DCL ALL STAR” status. The girls’ team left their competition in shambles, and the Lincoln-Sudbury Warriors only had the sectionals meet left on the road to the Division I State Championship.

At the North Sectionals Championship, the Warriors brought nothing but their best to defeat their competitors. The girls’ team placed second at the Sectionals meet, losing by only 7 points to Concord-Carlisle. The girls’ team won three events, and placed in the top five for seven of them. McKenna Murray, Maeve Hogan, Joslin Halsey, and Bridget Hogan won the 200 medley relay. Joslin Halsey came out on top in the 100 freestyle. Finally, Bridget Hogan, Tamara Papovsky, McKenna Murray, and Joslin Halsey placed first in the 400 freestyle relay. The boys’ team followed this success by placing 4th overall, winning three events and placing top five in four. Swimmers who won their events included Nolan Schlessman for the 200 freestyle and 100 freestyle as well as Fin Mckenzie for the 50 freestyle. The momentum of these wins set the stage for the L-S Warriors to take on the State Championship.

At the State Championship, the girls’ team won it all by placing first in Division I, a feat they hadn’t achieved since 2015. The girls’ won two relay events and placed in the top five for seven other events. Swimmers that placed in the top five for their individual events include: Maeve Hogan for the 100 breaststroke, Bridget Hogan for the 100 freestyle and 50 freestyle, Joslin Halsey for the 100 butterfly and 200 freestyle, as well as McKenna Murray for the 200 individual medley. Bridget Hogan, Joslin Halsey, McKenna Murray, and Tamara Papovsky won the 400 freestyle relay, and Joslin Halsey, Bridget Hogan, Alison Graff, and Tamara Papovsky took first in the 200 freestyle relay.

For the Division I boys’ State Championship the Warriors placed seventh overall, winning 1 event and placing top 5 for 4 events. Nolan Schlessman won the State Championship for the 100 freestyle, with a time of 46.46 breaking his own L-S record, and he also placed 4th for the 50 freestyle. Fin McKenzie placed in the top 5 for the 50 freestyle and 100 butterfly, and Thomas Eppich placed a close 6th for the 500 freestyle. Furthermore,The 200 freestyle relay placed a close second against Westford Academy.

The girls’ team won the State Championships bringing home yet another State Title for L-S, and both teams created memories reminiscent of a remarkable season.