Community Through L-S Rituals and Traditions

No matter who you are, or where you are, you have traditions and rituals that you live by, little or not-so-little. Especially in the midst of the holiday season, you most likely have something that gives you that familiar warm feeling. For some, that means sharing a rich cup of hot chocolate with your best friends or snuggling up with your family for that special movie (you know the one). Maybe it’s the route you walk each day with your dog or the song you listen to when you’re having a bad week. We are creatures of habit, and our traditions are a tiny piece of our soul, tucked away for when we need the strength of comfort and steadfastness. LS has its own traditions that make up its soul, character, and uniqueness.

L-S has something for everyone! We have countless sports teams, drama opportunities, social justice groups, and academic events. Even if nothing is quite right for you, you can create a club of your own to fit your needs. The L-S rituals reflect this large range of interests, from the football games in the fall, to the winter one-acts, all the way to the spring game of assassin for the seniors.

Many of the traditions we have here at L-S are directed toward the senior class. They bring a spark of humor and excitement through stressful college applications and sad goodbyes. There are the childish backpacks sported around school, senior prom, the yearly senior prank, and of course, senior dress-up day. These traditions lead to great stories of tires on flagpoles, fish in lockers, and even the queen dancing to Single Ladies. Of course, there are the more infamous stories, such as the “Snow White” skit, but the good far outweighs the bad.

There are the individual sports teams’ rituals as well, spirit days, and banquets. We have all seen the swim team bleach their hair or groups dressed as dads on vacation in anticipation of a game. Some teams have annual games raising money for charities, like the hockey Warriors for Warriors game, fundraising for the Scott Milley fund. One specific thing I love is the rugby team’s devotion to the Cotton Eye Joe dance.

Alongside these well-known traditions, the less popular ones are still memorable. The dodgeball tournament before break, the cocoa reindeer from the MLK club, and the Musicians Union concerts, all are special in their own way and mean something to their participants.

So at the risk of sounding like a school brochure, go out and explore L-S, make your own traditions and memories, and maybe join in on some old ones. Oh, and for the freshmen, don’t forget to check out the pool in the C400s!