Some Bright Spots Of The Past Two Years

It is hard to believe that almost two years ago on March 12, 2020, we received an email from Ms. Bella Wong saying that school would be closed for two weeks. As we got the email and came into school on that last Friday, many of us believed that it would in fact be only two weeks and just a fun break. Although, as we now know, this was not the case. 

Throughout these past two years, students and the rest of the world have adapted to this sudden change by creating entertainment in a time of loneliness. Trends such as TikTok, Tiger King, cloud bread, and what seems to be a fan favorite, Dalgona-whipped coffee, all were created. These trends not only gave us something to do while being stuck in our homes, but it also showed us what our bored minds can seem to create. Many of us found new talents. For example, baking, dancing, singing, or attempting to learn to skateboard, even if it was short lived. Most importantly, while we were all in such a trying time, something new and exciting came out to give us all joy. Outer Banks. While the whole world seemed to be watching and obsessing over the five high school students on a treasure hunt, it brought us all out of the never-ending bad news and into the world filled with what seemed to be a perfect life. As junior Amaya Parnell said when asked what her favorite quarantine trend was, “Binging Outer Banks and late night FaceTime calls with friends!” All of these new trends gave us something to connect with one another and made us feel as though the time we were in was not as lonely as it seemed.  

Back in September of 2020, when the world started to get used to the world of Zoom, we were even able to find the positive aspects of that. From funny backgrounds, to awkward family moments such as your aunt thinking your cousin was her brother’s girlfriend during a Christmas call or maybe worse, your whole family thinking one cousin was another for 45 minutes, we were able to connect through a screen and make light of the situation or hey, maybe those strange things only happened to my family. 

And when it looked as though all hope was gone and that the never ending cycle of new variants and increasing risks was going to go on forever, we were reminded that although we may be by ourselves in our houses, we were not alone in our struggle. 

And now, after two years of deciding which mask is most fashionable but more importantly, most safe, we have been told that we no longer are required to wear them. And while many of us have the thought of masks having to come back, we look at all of the things that we were able to accomplish with them, and all of a sudden, the thought doesn’t seem as daunting.