The Best Sledding Hills in and around Lincoln and Sudbury


While it is already part way through the winter season, sledding is a favorite snow-day activity for LS students all winter long! If you are having trouble deciding or finding the best hill for you, we’ve compiled a list of quality sledding hills in and around Lincoln and Sudbury with ratings and reviews for your use and reading pleasure.

Denormandie Hill 4/10

Lincoln, MA

This hill is a local favorite; however, after trying it out myself I was disappointed. The hill itself is hard to find and after driving in a complete circle around it to find parking we just pulled over in a DIY parking lot. The hill looks like it has potential but getting to the top is more effort than the ride down. If you are looking for a confusing drive and solid leg workout, this hill is the place for you.

Jericho Hill 9/10

Marlborough, MA

While this hill is a bit of a hike, it is impressive to say the least. After a long drive you will just want to sit and admire the sheer drop on this hill. It hits you like a truck when you arrive, on the way up and especially on the way down if you veer off course into the woods. Walking up it feels like you are traveling at an 89 degree angle and includes a free calf workout but sledding on it provides an adrenaline rush unlike any other. Dodging kids on the way down is an added bonus.

Loring Elementary School 6/10

Sudbury, MA

Ah, the timeless classic. I can remember sledding this hill with my friends back in sixth grade. With that in mind, this spot is probably not the best if you are a high school kid but if you have little siblings, are babysitting, or really enjoyed dodging children at Jericho, this is the perfect spot for you. Also provides excellent nostalgia if you’re into that and is close enough to downtown Sudbury that hot chocolate at Dunks or Starbucks is a perfect way to finish the day off.

Maynard Golf Course 8/10

Maynard, MA

Having golfed here many times, I was surprised to find that it was also a sledding hill. The first hole provides a perfect trajectory for a long ride down and while I think it would be a bit of a long walk back up to the top, the hill is not so steep that the climb is unrealistic. The fact that it is a golf course in non-snowy times means it provides excellent parking and is easy to find. 

Concord Golf Course → Let us know!

Concord, MA

Now having never tried this one for golf or sledding myself I do not feel validated in rating it but I would definitely recommend trying this one out. The real hill seems to be around back but I imagine parking would be located on the far side near the golf course entrance. Another advantage of this spot is the proximity to Verrill Farm, a favorite LS student lunch destination. Sledding at this hill gives you a reason to make the trip up to Concord and reward yourself with a quality sandwich for the drive home.

We hope this list provides you with some go-to spots for your next snow day! Feel free to add any we missed in the comments below.