Hope Sudbury Club


L-S has introduced a new club this year: the Hope Sudbury Club. Aimed at focusing on helping the community, the club will be assisting an organization called HOPEsudbury. Club founder,  junior Juliana Erb said that, “HOPEsudbury is an organization that helps out families in need get back on their feet in our area,” she added that, “it also supports local shelters and small organizations to collect donations. The club will help these organizations and HOPEsudbury collect donations.”

HOPEsudbury is a nonprofit organization in town that helps raise money for people in need. The organization, which consists of all volunteers, has strengthened the community through its efforts in raising money and supporting those in need by sponsoring different events. The club plans to continue promoting HOPEsudbury’s cause with the help of the L-S Regional High School community. 

Some of the specific drives the Hope Sudbury Club plans to do this year include gift drives, food drives, toiletry drives, and clothes drives. The club will also be assisting HOPEsudbury with other events, as well, to help the organization collect more donations. One event that is HOPEsudbury’s largest annual fundraiser is the HOPEsudbury Telethon and Auction. Also, Pennies for HOPE fundraiser, which donates the money to HOPEsudbury, is another important fundraiser. 

Currently, the club will be holding a Thanksgiving food drive from November 10th to November 24th. They are requesting canned and non-perishable goods to donate to the community and will set up donation bins by the main office in the A300s, the A-B connector near the cafeteria, and in all of the house offices. “Any donation is a wonderful donation and the club and the organization of HOPEsudbury thank you for all of your help,” Erb states.

The Hope Sudbury Club meets on white Wednesdays during ACA in room B441. During this time, the club organizes different donations. One of the ways the club is able to publicize these drives is by decorating posters. Erb explained that the club encourages giving “students and staff an opportunity to get more involved in their community.”