Changes in Mask Mandates


It seems like just yesterday that Lincoln Sudbury students embarked on a three-week vacation in March. We now reminisce over the pre-pandemic days, marveling at how simple life had been. Because when the three-week vacation turned into a three-month vacation, our lives were turned upside down. We were thrust into a world of masks, social distancing, and regulations. We endured illness, isolation, and social deprivation. On a more positive note, we also took up new hobbies, watched plenty of shows, and learned to adapt to a new, masked life. 

But the days of whipped coffee and Tiger King are far behind us now. Throughout the past year, we have been eager to reach the light at the end of the tunnel – a world where masks would no longer be required. Now, the day may come sooner than we expected. 

Over the past few months, substantial developments in the Covid-19 vaccines have propelled us on the long-awaited path to normalcy. As mask mandates are beginning to lift, there is hope for a normal 2021-22 school year. So how do people feel about such an abrupt change? 

I asked a few LS students about their opinions on lifting mask mandates, and the responses were somewhat mixed. LS junior Ben Krasnow says, “I think it would be uncomfortable, but I could get used to it. If the CDC is reporting it to be safe, and there is substantial evidence that it is safe, I see myself being more comfortable.” That seemed to be the general opinion on the matter. The fact is, the CDC does believe that people will be safe unmasked outside, regardless of vaccination. Furthermore, fully vaccinated people will be safe inside without masks.

While responses like Krasnow’s were generally optimistic, some shared more hesitant views. Another LS junior says, “I think everyone is eager to get back to normal, but I also don’t want us to rush into anything if it’s not going to be safe.” 

Either viewpoint is valid, especially during such an unfamiliar time. There has been no word as to whether or not masks will be required at Lincoln Sudbury next year, but hopefully, more information will be shared over the summer. 

While we do not know what to expect for the 2021 school year, it is safe to say that everyone is looking forward to seeing their peer’s faces. LS junior, Reanna George, adds, “As long as we go into it with open minds, I think everything will go well.”