Well, Well, Well, Welly’s!


Food: Elevated Comfort Cuisine

COVID-19 Awareness: 9/10

Overall Experience: 8/10

When I drove to Welly’s last week, I had high expectations.  Many people have been buzzing about the newest dining experience in downtown Hudson.  Although the 25-minute drive can be unfortunate, Hudson makes up for it by being everything that Sudbury is not.  Edison lights are strung all over the sidewalks, restaurants have clearly mastered the subtle art of outdoor dining, and fall is in the air.  

Welly’s is a relatively small establishment on Main Street. Despite having fierce competition right next door with Rail Trail and Cafe 641, Welly’s is thriving.  Signature dishes include a Spicy Cashew Chicken and Irish Countryside Shepherd’s Pie.  

Ordering takeout is a simple two step process at Welly’s: I simply ordered online and then picked it up. 

“Despite having fierce competition next door…Welly’s is thriving”

 I was very impressed with how COVID-sensitive the employees were, though I will say the typical Thursday night crowd at Welly’s was not as impressive in terms of coronavirus precautions.  I noticed multiple people wearing their masks over their mouth but not the nose, and definitely questioned their thinking.  But overall, I was impressed with the COVID-19 awareness; the staff brought the food outside to those picking up, so I didn’t even need to go inside, which was nice.  Social distancing wasn’t exactly enforced outside though, which left something to be desired.

I ordered an Eggplant Parmigiana.  As a vegetarian, I found the options slightly lacking, though my family of carnivores enjoyed the variety of meat dishes to choose from.  The eggplant parm was excellent for the first few bites, but the eggplant soon became quite overpowering.  

“My family of carnivores enjoyed the variety of meat dishes to choose from”

If eggplant is your favorite vegetable and you enjoy eating a pound of it for dinner, this dish is for you.  Personally, I hit a slight breaking point when my pasta became eggplant flavored.  Dishes that my family enjoyed were the Pepperoni Pizza, Chicken Parmigiana, *Q Kenney Steak Tips, and the kids Mac ‘n’ Cheese.  The pepperoni pizza had rave reviews from everyone and was considered one of the best pizzas my family had eaten in awhile.  The chicken parmigiana was voted the superior parm and was also considered excellent.  The steak tips lasted about three seconds and was the favorite dish of the evening.  The Mac n’ Cheese was considered delectable, but also strongly resembled Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, so do with that information what you may.

Overall, Welly’s was a success and well-well-well worth the trip.  The serving sizes were reasonable (maybe slightly on the big side), the food had defined, enjoyable flavors and it felt that they were doing an excellent job with COVID-19 precautions.


Final Questions:

Would you go back?

Absolutely, the food is the perfect comfort food and everyone enjoyed their meals overall.  There was no wait for our food, and everyone was really welcoming.


Which day of the week most describes this food?

I would say a casual Friday fits most with Welly’s menu.  It is very easy, but very enjoyable.


What is the Mac ‘n’ Cheese like?

As I mentioned earlier, the Mac ‘n’ Cheese seems almost definitely to be Kraft Mac ‘n’ Cheese.  If you adore Kraft Mac ‘n’ Cheese and would prefer to pay $4 for someone else to make it for you, then this is the place for you.